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Before shooting off some time.
The time for the worship of me is upon us!


I've grown tired of atheism, where's the fun in that? I mean, before this new kick ass religion atheism was the best one but that's changed. Seriously, why worship anything else?


I made some prayers for you all to say if you feel like praying any time soon.

Two new members might spring up tonight. So uhhh...feel free to touch yourselves in anticipation.

We have a hymn up now all thanks to the Prophet Ali. Now Wesley isn't the only guy making awesome music. Also, don't be fooled into thinking that the Living man-God has a verse in the Nicht-bible. He doesn't, it's all lies by people who want to discredit the Church. Also, we've made some holidays for you to take off work/school.

Want to join the congregation? Check out the congregation page for more information on how to join.

A FAQ is up. It should answer just about any question you have about this awesome religion.

The Prophet has been revealed and two new Apostles have come to the Church. Check out their respective pages (The Prophet Ali, The Apostle Jason Clone, and The Apostle Ian) to get your dose of some good religious fun.

Also, the Apostle Jason made us a Live Journal Community. It can be found at:

It's got some nekkid girlies on the front page so if you're at work wait till you get home. Our secular society at this point may oppress you for worshipping the One True God and his Posse, mwahahahaha! Wait...why the evil laugh? Shit, they might realize I'm a huge fucking fraud...nah. Probably not. If worse comes to worse I can move to the South and try again...


Our new God overlooks the world.

Send all hatemail/marriage proposals/financial contributions to:

Praise be to Lykins